Last summer was too hot. It was over 35° with no rain, dry crops broke farmer’s heart. There is no substitute for water! One drop of water is important. Is there a way to stop water loss from water pipe?

It hurts to see soil and stream getting polluted because of sewer pipe, which is a must in current society, is damaged. Is it truly impossible to check pipeline underground? Is there any way to stop releasing water from sewer due to broken pipe when in heavy rain?

How scary would it be if ground sink while walking? Can’t we check ground subsidence in real-time and prevent sewer pipe damage?

Until now we restore pipeline after leak or ground subsidence with such high cost. If we manage underground facility thoroughly, lengthen its life cycle, and ultimately cut down on a budget, wouldn’t that be better?

Our company researched for several years to solve this problem and developed the system that facility can be monitored in real-time and maintained safely for a long period of time. We plan to continuously research to contribute to stop water loss and lengthen facility life to cut down on budget.

Aug, 2018 COWITHONE Staff



Feb. Moved Head Quarter (Youngtong-gu, Suwon)
Sep. Received “Excellence Company” at Smart City Business Fair
Nov. Received 'Safety industry upbringing audition' excellence prize(Gyeonggi provincial governor award)


May. Commissioner of the Korean Intellectual Property Office award at Invention Day
Jun. Research & Development Center approved
Jul. Certified Disaster Prevention New Technology


Feb. Water Management Green Technology award
Nov. Safe Technology Development Award


May. ISO 9001:2009 Certificate
May. ISO 14001:2004 Certificate
Jun. Recognized as Research Center


Jan. Presidential Award from Korea Disaster Prevention Association
Jun. Presidential Award at Korea Disaster Prevention Day
Nov. Excellent Patent Award


Feb. Recognized as Venture Company


May. Established COWITHONE

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